Lemonade – Gut Lovin’ Soda x 12

by Hip Pop


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Our Gut Lovin’ Lemonade boasts a whopping 1/4 of your daily prebiotic fibre intake in each can, making it a high-fibre prebiotic drink working stealthily for your gut. We’ve also added the same scientifically-studied living cultures* that we use in all our drinks, so you can be sure these little living beauties are reaching your gut alive, while indulging in a delicious drink.

But that’s not all! Our Lemonade contains no sweeteners like stevia or the artificial ones and is 100% natural! You can indulge in this tasty beverage without the nasty after taste or freaking your gut out!

Weight4.26 kg
Dimensions34 × 14 × 27 cm


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