Hip Pop Award Winning Kombucha – Mixed Case of Mind Blowing Vegan Flavours – 12 x 330ml

by Hip Pop


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? DELICIOUS & HEALTHY – Hip Pop kombucha is traditionally fermented creating a naturally sparkling health drink that is lower in sugar. It’s packed with gut-friendly cultures, antioxidants, enzymes and superduper acids and vitamins, which are known to support your gut health, immune system and make the tastiest kombucha drink on the planet

? CRAFT BREWED ON A UK FARM – Hip Pop are a family run business with years of experience brewing (and enjoying!) Kombucha. This lively non alcoholic kombucha drink is brewed in a state-of-the-art, sustainable microbrewery on a gorgeous farm in the heart of Cheshire. We’re surrounded by nature and our carbon footprint is small because we deliver straight to your door

? VEGAN WITH NO STEVIA OR ERYTHRITOL – We’re on a mission to get the UK drinking real Kombucha. Our Kombucha is not mass-made and we don’t add sketchy “natural flavours” or processed sweeteners like stevia or erythritol in order to create a “zero sugar” liquid. We use real fruits and a little cane sugar which is essential for true kombucha to feed the friendly cultures transforming it into healthy acids producing a delicious drink that’s naturally lower in sugar

? ONLY IN BOTTLES NOT CANS AND HERE’S WHY: Unrefrigerated kombucha explodes in cans unless you remove all the sugar, but if you do that you have to pack it full of sweeteners and questionable flavourings to make it palatable. The other way is to pasteurise but that kills off all the good stuff. We don’t do either and we fill our raw kombucha into gorgeous sustainable glass bottles fresh from the tanks and then deliver straight to your door

? MULTI-AWARD WINNING FLAVOURS – We’re recent winners of both the prestigious GREAT TASTE AWARD and UK MUMS TV BEST DRINK WINNER! This is down to the feedback from our amazing customers who helped us come up with these unique mind blowing flavours which are included in your case: Strawberry Pineapple, Ginger Yuzu, Blueberry Ginger, and Apple Elderflower. Sip and reap the benefits of our non-alcoholic kombucha drink

It’s raw fermented tea, made from 4 simple ingredients: tea, sugar, live kombucha culture and water

What are the health benefits?
It naturally contains lots of good stuff including friendly bacteria, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins B and C and healthy acids

Why drink Kombucha?
It’s a health drink, an adventurous soft drink, an alternative to alcohol, a brilliant mixer and it’s great for kids too

Why Hip Pop Kombucha?
It’s vegan, unpasteurised and never ever made with ultra processed sweeteners

Does it contain sugar?
Yes it does. Sugar is essential to a proper fermentation. Sugar feeds the yeast and bacteria. Residual sugar is broken down during fermentation so it’s much easier for the body to process. Hip Pop Kombucha contains between 2.5g and 3.3g of sugar per 100ml, compared to 8g in a glass of orange juice


Why don’t you use sweeteners?
For a start, sweeteners cannot be used in a real kombucha fermentation. Microbes do not eat sweeteners. We use only natural ingredients in our kombucha. And whilst sweeteners might sound good on paper, there is some evidence to suggest that sweeteners may have a negative effect on the way our body deals with normal sugar, leading to an increase in blood sugars and weight gain

Does Kombucha contain alcohol?
Only, in trace amounts, like every fermented food – and even fresh orange juice and soy sauce! It is classed as non-alcoholic because it has less than 0.5% alcohol

Does it contain caffeine?
Yes, it’s made from tea, but significantly less than either tea or coffee (around ⅓ of the caffeine in a cup of tea)

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