Traditionally bread associated with Finland. I make this from scratch here in Sheffield.

“…This traditional bread from the Finnish archipelago has a sweet, malty and syrupy taste. The bread is known all over Finland as saaristolaislimppu. Archipelago bread is eaten throughout the year but for many Finns it is also an essential part of the Christmas dinner table.

Even though this bread can be enjoyed just with salted butter, Finns often top it with fish or seafood. I like to enjoy my archipelago bread with gravlax or a shrimp mayonnaise. This bread is also a fantastic side dish for fish soups…”

Super dark sourdough with barley malt, fermented sprouted rye grains, treacle, kefir & oats.


“…As far as I understand, this bread is from Kustavi archipelago, in Southwest Finland. The most special thing about this bread is the richness of its taste. There are many ingredients in the bread which give this richness. And yet, those ingredients are also very harmonious and none of them crushes the others.

Apart from being rich with many ingredients, this bread is also rich with syrup, so it is quite sweet. One last thing I want to write about the bread is the texture. Because it also has many grainy ingredients, particularly the malt, it has a dense and grainy texture….”

I am not aware of it being available anywhere in the U.K.


Ingredients: Barley malt, fermented sprouted rye grains, treacle, kefir & oats, gluten

Allergens: Gluten


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